Annual Inter-House Athletic Meet - 2023

Jaffna College held its Primary School Annual Inter-house Athletic Meet on the 28th of April 2023 at Bicknell field, with a lineup of exciting events and competitions. The event was chaired by Mrs. B.N. Mohan, the Supervisor of our Primary School, and graced by the presence of our Patron, Mrs. R. Kulasingham. The Band, trained by Mrs. D. Daniel, added to the excitement of the event with their captivating performance. The Drill Display, trained by Mrs. E.N. Antony, was a highlight of the event, showcasing the discipline and coordination of our young athletes. We were honored to have Mr. A.D. Athisayathasan, a retired primary school supervisor, and Mrs. Gnaneswary Athisayathasan as our esteemed chief guests. Their presence and encouragement motivated our young athletes to put forth their best efforts. The inter-house competitions were highly competitive, with each house giving their best to secure the coveted title of overall champions. We are proud of our young athletes, who displayed exceptional sportsmanship, grit, and determination throughout the event. The success of the Primary School Annual Inter-house Athletic Meet is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff, students, and parents, and we look forward to many more such events in the future.

Drill Display